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[Lord A had seen Klavier's argument with Greed on the community, and his own brush with Biffy had him feeling -- well, he didn't get lonely. But if he did, he imagined it would feel very much like this.

Which is why he sends a message to Klavier, inviting him to come over for the evening.]
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[As promised, Lord Akeldama was very interested in having tea with Klavier. So, a few days after their last discussion, Klavier received an invitation -- embossed, of course -- to come join Lord Akeldama for his afternoon tea.

Of course, "afternoon" for the vampire is four o'clock -- in the morning. And when he says tea, he actually means champagne. And maybe a few other delightful activities together. That's why the vampire, in his finest points, is sitting princess style on a chaise.]
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[Lord Akeldama was a wonderful host, especially when he had new friends coming to visit! He'd set his best table for the lovely boys, despite the fact that he, of course, couldn't partake of any of the delectables his boys had set out. In addition to a wide variety of teas, there were finger sandwiches, of course, as well as scones and the most scrumptious looking tray of pastries. The only thing missing was his dear Alexia's favorite treacle. While it was certainly up to the standards of Lord Akeldama's tea, he did have a fussy pregnant friend. Best to conserve his supplies for purposes of bribery.

He was set to receive his new friends in his front parlor, his favorite room. The ornate rococo style might be out of mode, but he just couldn't let go of his gold-leaf and painted frescoes. So the Weiss boys would get to spend their visit looking at plump cherubs and shepardesses frolicking among the clouds. All of the furniture was plush, and he was particularly proud of the upholstery he'd had just had redone in pink and mint brocade. The only thing out of sync with the lush surroundings was a fat calico sleeping on the bottom level of the tea trolley, who refused to move more than the occasional flap of her tail.

And then, of course, there was the vampire himself. Lord Akeldama was dressed for receiving in a coat he'd received just this week from the tailor. It was jet black and strewn with silver embroidery in the pattern of real constellations. He'd paired it with a peach silk cravat and accessories palette -- though, of course, he wouldn't put on the spats and collar until he went out on calls of his own.

And to top it all off, there was a bevvy of strapping young men rushing around. All of them were dressed in complimentary colors to Lord A, and they seemed to be in quite the rush as they straightened pillows and brushed away non-existent dust.]

Oh, shoo, all of you! We don't want to scare away our guests!
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[Lord Akeldama was waiting in his front parlour, a delicious array of treats set out for his darling Alexia -- including her favorite treacle. After all, if she had to come all the way in from the country to visit him, it would be practically cruel to set a poor plate for her. Besides, they had so much to gossip about! He could hardly wait for her to arrive.]


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